Donnys Two Stories - Mamaev Totraz

Donnys Two Stories
Totraz Mamaev

It is a collection of two small stories written in two different topics. First about how boy found a bottle on the beach, which was an old message. The second, about a boy who wanted to understand the truth

Donnys Two Stories

Sentara Rosy & Truth

Totraz Mamaev

Totraz Mamaev, 2015

Maria Shilova



Iam very curious and versatile person. Well, to an adult are far from me. Despite my incomplete twelve, Istill believe in magic

That day was unbearably hot. Beach sand grew more and more heated, and sit on it just in shorts was very uncomfortable. The sun was hidden behind the sea horizon, but the heat still remained. Only a gentle Mediterranean breeze weakly blew from the sea.

Vacationers disappeared; on the shore were few, and they were just about to leave. Only Idecided to leave when he heard glass knock. Iwonder where he is?.

When Iapproached the water, Isaw a small bottle. It floundered about in the surf between the stones. Taking the bottle, Inoticed that inside something there; something like a small note. Since the bottle was sealed with a stopper, the water does not permeated inside, and thus the paper remained dry.

Perhaps Ill take this with myself Imuttered to myself.

At home, Idecided any way to remove the paper from the inside. Smash the bottle failed, oddly enough. Then Ithought that it is better to try to remove the tube.

When Isnuck into the kitchen for a corkscrew, my father noticed me.

Something wanted? He asked.

Iwanted him to not know about the bottle.

Aneighbor asked for a corkscrew to open the wine, Ianswered with lies.

Well, take it, if need Gary.

Itook from the cabinet corkscrew and went on to the lawn. The bottle stood and waited for me about doghouse Harold our dog. The dog sensed something and barked at the bottle. Fortunately, Harold was on a leash.

Tom, go to dinner! came from the house of my mothers voice. She always called me that when Ihave been a long time in the yard.

Im still not hungry, shall come back later!

As you know.

Tightening the spiral of the corkscrew into the cork, with the force Ibegan to twist on yourself. As a result, the tube is easily removed.

What is it? The father asked. He was standing behind me.

Ijumped in surprise and whirled.

This Ifound on the shore.

Cheating is not good, son.

But its true, the bottle from the beach.

Iabout the neighbor. Okay, good luck, he said, and then went home.

On the ground lay a wooden twig. Itook it, slipped it into the bottle and tried to get a piece of paper. After some time, old yellowed paper was in my hands. Unfolding it, Ibegan to read.

Our ship Sentara Rosy crashed on steep cliffs near the coast ofPiraeus. Killed over a hundred people and four captains. Only Saurus Bagamota survived

In some places are worn, so you read the full text Icouldnt.

1879, Turkish cruise liner

Iread, and my heart began increasingly to knock. Finally, Isaw another one, the last entry at the bottom of the paper:

very fearfully. Im sure the reason for the shipwreck

There was nothing more. Everything was written so truthfully that doubts whether the note is to be someones joke, fell off immediately.

Itook the message home and carefully stashed in one of the books. Was late evening. Iwent to dinner.

Saurus Bagamota

Iwent to the beachfront. The night was deep: a huge moon hung in the sky and resembled my favorite cheese Kayseri. Yes, Ido not knew, that at night the sea is so cold. Iwalked along the shore to the East, and watched the sea. Isoon reached a small empty pier, where Ifound a wooden boat. Nearby stood the house in which were the lights. Iquickly walked along the berth to the boat and sat in it.



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