Creatures ofthe night - Koshkina Viktoria

Creatures ofthe night
Viktoria Koshkina

At first sight, ausual family consisting oftwo vampires. Brother and sister love each other very much, try not toleave for along time and avoid society ofother vampires. But quiet, imperceptible life suddenly comes toan end. The former friends and enemies unexpectedly remind the existence ofthe released family. Besides, the main character makes such acts which attract alot ofproblems. The history oftwo vampires begins with one ofthem.

Creatures ofthe night

Viktoria Koshkina

Viktoria Koshkina,2015

Created with Ridero


The street is empty. Doesnt catch sight the uniform passerby. Asolid hour Istick out here, and bydidnt run even adog. Inany case the dog, ingeneral isnt present anybody. Where all got to? As though feel, skunks Alone, seemingly, it is necessary tostay here till the morning.

Igot the mobile phone from apocket tolook what time is it now. Iwas distracted byadoor scratch round the corner. It has tobe, someone leftbar.

The mad smile was involuntarily drawn on my face. For pleasure Iforgot about the purpose with which Ihold incellphone therefore Ipushed it back, from where got as byinertia, without having looked and at the screen. For excitement on abody the small spasm ran. Anticipating the forthcoming meal, Itried toget on feet, leaning aback about acold wall, but force ofgravity created the artful mission, and tumbled down my body back. But not the mother Earth, with the right magnetism is guilty ofit, my amplifying weakness exactly with the same speed with what my infernal hunger grows is guilty. It is necessary toreconcile towill ofthe nature temporarily. The main thing not tomiss the present sent tome from the generous Universe which spared on me and presented the opportunity at last tohave dinner this evening.

Icraned my neck toglance for turn. From an open door ofbar seemed the unfamiliar type outside. The man passed forward two steps and stopped. At first his look ofsome moment stiffened on abrick wall ofthe building opposite. Then he hung the head and along with it dipped ahand into apocket. From it he took out some subject inaccessible tomy eye. Without taking away apalm from apocket, he began tolook at treasure from the hiding place. Having tracked it, Iagain disappeared, the nape drove into the corner and deeply sighed.

What does he examine it there? Ithought. It became me sensitive curiously: what an unusual feature pulled out the stranger from reality and inthis connection, he so continuously admires it as if he was zombie.

Having waited some insignificant half-minute, Iagain leaned out. The stranger whom Ican tenderly call the victim, faced inmy party. There was aquestion before me if he saw me or not?! It seems no, though it seemed tome that the man looks at me. He would know as long Iwaited for his emergence, calculated intortures ofminute. Though, Ihad no objection for any beauty. But now my majesty not inthat situation tochoose.

Meanwhile that Istay here, the man replaced anumber ofactions. The subject removed back toapocket, and he aslowly approaches tomy party. Smells ofalcohol and tobacco reached my nose, and knock ofhis heart with each fraction ofasecond increases loudness. Tuk-tuk-tuk Ifeel sick when Ithink ofthat heart will cease topulse soon. Damn, Ialready started going crazy from alack ofblood inmy organism.

Having aloud counted tofive, Irepeated aformer trick, and again risked toput myself on feet. It Iwork well, admit tome not without effort, but nevertheless, Iam glad! Only the head is turned and there is awish tosleep.

Got ahold ofmyself, Ithrew with ahood ofasports sleeveless jacket which on me is put on the head, and fluttered out from the shelter. So it turned out that my face closed ahalf (aforehead and eyes) from what increased my self-confidence. Ido not have tocount on effective emergence. Besides Ijust noticed that Iam lame inthe left leg. My shape is far from frightening, but is very close tothe pathetic. Here toyou Mr. vampire.

Ipassed slightly, and made apause. Iraised ahood edge tolook at the person. Having noticed my shadow, he got up as driven and inspected my person from feet tothe head. At first, the look ofthis man seemed neutral, indifferent, tosome extent even surprised. But the trifle, Istrained when inhis opinion there was acertain rage, contempt. He made the spittle which came tobe under my feet then surely he walked further.

When the stranger passed by, my fingers grasped his sleeve. He nearly faltered, and, having paid attention tothe long fingers ofmy hand which were persistently holding apiece ofhis clothes from all force pulled ashoulder. So he turned out tobe exempted from my grasp.

Go away, moron furiously screamed the man correcting his sleeve.

Strange, however, his attitude tothe people around. Or he so exactly breathes only tome. Look ofme ofcourse not great, but it is not an occasion tobe insulted. Now Iknow as Ilook precisely: very thin, with black circles under eyes, with literally gray skin, and the prominent reliefs ofbones under it. How am Itoyou? Ialways look like this when Im madly hungry. But people often think that Iam adrug addict, and dont live more long than hour, after meetingme.

Idropped tired eyes on asphalt; inthe depth ofmyself boiling from desire, from passion, from that already Irepresent asweet scene ofmurder. Meanwhile the man gave awhistle and continued hisway.

Iturned back, observing how fast my new acquaintance moves away. it is not late tocatch the haughty asshole. On pleasure Iam able torun very quickly.

Once Iappeared before the mans nose he was dumbfounded.

What the? the uncle started back.

Iplay with you agame oftag; Itried tojoke and was right there twisted: inabreast pinned up, and shook me alittle.

Iopened eyes and as though Isaw other person. It is the same type, only at lantern light which we at last received, he looks differently. The person offifty-year age, with half the turned gray locks ofhair on the head, and an unshaven bristle on achin. Creepy pale blue eyes are more accurately visible which seemed harmless before. Dressed inthat, brown jacket, under it the blue undershirt decorated with acouple oftasty spots, standing trenik with the stretched knees, below tosurprise, decent, leather boots. The man itself is thin, lower me on ten centimeters. Entirely reminds me the old man beaten bylife from the fairy tales ofPushkin.

Crazy? the man wrinkled.

Now youll know, Istretched bythe shivering voice.

Inside me as though the driving mechanism had broken. Broke bones, and on abody ran the painful wave, toGoosebumps. Iput apalm on ashoulder ofthe man and became dejected. Looking at asphalt, Ifailed on all fours, one hand leaning, another holding abreast.

Somewhat quicker tofinish you, Isqueezed from myselfout.

What do you mutter there? the man inquired, feeling the superiority.

With effort Irose tothe feet and straightened shoulders. Tome it is terribly sick, but Iwill try tocope with this test.

You are the talented clown, he grinned, go, amuse your girlfriend, and leave me alone.

The new acquaintance watches me, expecting my next failure. No, it is already enough for me! Isent ahood and showed my face tothe victim. The man became serious and began tolook tome inthe face, as hypnotized. Using it, Ireduced distance betweenus and approached him closer.

Now you will become nothing, Istretched half-whisper and smiled.

Insane, nervously threw nasty type.

After the stated phrase he was going toleave, but was late. Itook the man for shoulders and turned back tomyself, then, clasped ahand at his neck and pressed tomyself. That began toescape, being afraid that Iwill begin tosmother, but doesnt leave, after all he is not stronger one fromus obviously. Having taken him inhumiliating situation, Ithrew away with aforce the man todustbins. He fell, having hit the head.

Well, he shouted, what will you do further?

And what Iwill do next? Iwill finishhim.

Iadmit, tobe killed bypsychopath is disgusting.

Shut up, Itold with irritation.

The man grinned and began tofix the eyes on me. Icame nearer toit and sat down on hunkers nearby.

Come on, do it, unexpectedly with achallenge uttered type.

Well, if you insist, with affectedness Isaid and came nearer amouth inhis neck, holding him with ahand.

My fingers experienced warmly human skin, from it hunger became stronger. One movement Inailed down and also suspended the man toawall that it was more convenient tognaw through aneck.

You dont want totell the last word? with ajeer Itook an interest.

Right there Iremembered something and Igot into apocket ofthe victim. Having inthe very bottom groped something cold, Ipulled out it from ajacket.

It isnt necessary for you, choking with shortage ofair the man spoke.

Isqueezed fingers even more strongly, having made him worse, at the same time pushing athing inthe pocket.

And you know, Idont care, Iwant todie myself, he cried out with rage.

Iwas surprised bywords ofthe man hanging byathread from death. Others with whom Ihappened toget acquainted, begged torelease them, and this But what he wouldnt mean, Iwont stop for anything.

On palm inside skin is thinner therefore is more sensitive. The vampire instinct already works, and Ifeel how on veins ofthis person blood streams run. They issue the unique symphony ofsounds. My look concentrated on acarotid.

Lets already finish it, the uncle begged.

Idistracted and looked into his eyes. Isuddenly wanted tohurt the man very much. Therefore, Iweakened ahand, then sharply squeezed and with aforce pushed it anape inawall. He quietly screamed from pain, having hurt the head. Ifelt ablood smell, and tome bothered towait. Athumb Iaccurately unbent the head ofthe person and bent closer toinhale asmell ofhis skin. Aroma, ofcourse, doesnt add appetite, but Iam not choosy. Without thinking twice Iseized aneck ofthe victim, and Ibegan toextend greedily from the man blood. Oh, long-awaited this moment was what couple ofminutes ago. Iwith greed and diligence began toswallow ofthe liquid coming toamouth. The uncle didnt even try toshout.

Having drunk over three liters ofblood, Ireleased ahand, and wiped it the soiled chin. The body ofmy supporter failed on asphalt. If Ileave it here so, inaday he already will catch any poor fellow. Inorder tonot allow it, Iscraged the dead man. Here is the best ofall, now he wont getup.

Irubbed palms and looked at adead body.


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