Anne of Green Gables - Montgomery Lucy

Anne of Green Gables
Lucy Montgomery

Oxford Bookworms LibraryLevel 2
A level 2 Oxford Bookworms Library graded reader. Retold for Learners of English by Clare West.

Marilla Cuthbert and her brother Matthew want to adopt an orphan, to help on the farm at Green Gables. They ask for a boy, but they get Anne, who has red hair and freckles, and who talks and talks and talks.

They didn't want a girl, but how can they send a child back, like an unwanted parcel? So Anne stays, and begins a new life in the sleepy, quiet village of Avonlea in Canada.

But it is not so quiet after Anne comes to live there…


Anne of Green Gables


‘Carrots! Carrots!’ whispers Gilbert Blythe across the school desk, and he puts out his arm and pulls Anne’s long red plaits. But Anne jumps up and cries, ‘You horrible boy! I hate you!’ And she hits him hard over the head with her book.

Life in the sleepy village of Avonlea is never boring after Anne Shirley comes to live with the Cuthberts. They wanted to adopt an orphan boy, to help with the farm work at Green Gables. But instead, they get Anne, who has red hair and freckles and who never stops talking. She’s a loving child, but she’s always in trouble! There’s the visit from Mrs Lynde, then the cake for the vicar’s wife, and the trouble with her hair …

And after the fight at school, will she ever speak to Gilbert Blythe again?

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